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    In recent years, carbon dioxide fracturing technology has been increasingly praised by domestic and foreign oil companies, not only because carbon dioxide carries sand into the formation and causes less damage to the formation, but also because there is no pollution of carbon dioxide in both surface and underground oil and gas reservoirs. The carbon dioxide injection pry mounted equipment developed by our company has been widely used in the Northeast and North China regions of China, and has responded well.

    Working principle: The power generated by prying on the power equipment is transmitted to the centrifugal pump through a coupling or transfer box, driving the centrifugal pump to work; The liquid is sucked in through the suction manifold, separated by a separation tank, and then pressurized by a centrifugal pump before being discharged through the discharge manifold and injected into the fracturing truck for operation.

    Main technical parameters of the product

    Drive form: engine driven, motor driven (optional)

    Maximum pressure: 2.5MPa (4MPa optional)

    Maximum flow rate: 10m3/min

    Suction pipeline valves: 12 4 "ball valves

    Discharge pipeline valves: 12 4 "ball valves (6 on each side)

    Total weight of the whole pry: not more than 14000 kg

    External dimensions (length, width, height): approximately 8200mm x 2400mm x 2800mm

    Personalized design based on user's actual needs