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    Hongyuan Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Co., Ltd. is a diversified enterprise specializing in petroleum equipment manufacturing, petroleum equipment maintenance, and international trade of petroleum materials. The company was established in 1994 and officially registered as a group company in 2016. Hongyuan Petroleum Group has always focused on the oilfield market. In order to better serve the oilfield and achieve Hongyuan's global service network layout, it has established comprehensive service bases, sales centers, and procurement centers around the world, providing customers with 7X24 hours of timely and thoughtful service.

    The headquarters of the group is located in the Beijing International Trade CBD Wealth Center, adjacent to well-known buildings such as CCTV, China Zun, and International Trade Phase III, equipped with modern office facilities and a high-quality business environment.

    In order to achieve the centenary plan of the group company and meet the development needs of modern enterprises, the group company has invested heavily in purchasing more than 100 acres of land in the Jingbin Industrial Park in Wuqing District, Tianjin, which is a national characteristic town, a national independent innovation demonstration zone, and a key demonstration park in Tianjin. It has built modern office buildings, research and development centers, professional petroleum equipment manufacturing and maintenance workshops, warehouses, and other facilities. It borders Tongzhou District in Beijing to the north and Langfang Development Zone in Hebei to the west, and is the core area of Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration, located in the "Golden Triangle" of Beijing Tianjin Hebei.

    The Jingbin Equipment Manufacturing Workshop covers an area of 15000 square meters and is equipped with professional production and testing equipment as well as various assembly tools. It manufactures carbon dioxide sled mounted equipment, fracturing sled mounted equipment, continuous tubing sled mounted equipment, acid supply sled mounted equipment, chemical reagent injection sled, sand storage, downhole tools, etc. for domestic and foreign oilfield production. The workshop has achieved good results in oilfield use and has been recognized by a large number of users.

    The Jingbin Comprehensive Maintenance Service Center covers an area of 8000 square meters and has various advanced maintenance and testing equipment. For example: 1900 kW engine dynamometer, high-pressure oil pump calibration table, ultrasonic cleaning special equipment, electronic fuel injection engine special testing instrument, motor maintenance special high-temperature oven, 25 ton and 10 ton aviation cranes, and complete maintenance special tools. The maintenance scope covers engines, torque converters, motors, top drives, cranes, SPM pumps, solid control system equipment, continuous tubing trucks, mud pumps, well repair machines, fracturing trucks, drilling rigs, etc.

    The group currently has over 600 employees, including 85 senior engineers, 186 intermediate engineers, and more than 150 business elites, with independent import and export rights. Research and development, manufacturing, and maintenance service engineers come from related majors such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and automation control. They regularly receive professional training and assessment from foreign equipment manufacturers, and their technical level and service experience are second to none in the same industry.

    In China, Hongyuan Group has established seven comprehensive maintenance service centers in Jingbin, Tuha Oilfield, Dagang Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Daqing Oilfield, and other places. Eight offices have been set up in Shanshan, Karamay, Tanggu, Dunhuang, Xi'an, Luzhou, Luntai, Wushen Banner, etc. And it is equipped with more than 30 oilfield service vehicles, providing 24-hour well service for customers. The Hongyuan service team has won praise from a large number of users with its strong technical strength, rich service experience, and dedicated spirit of enduring hardship and labor protection production.

    With thirty years of industry leadership, Hongyuan Group has built a loyal and skilled petroleum material supply team, ensuring service quality and supply cycle, and accumulating a good reputation and influence for Hongyuan Group in various oilfield material departments. In order to expand overseas material procurement and sales business and achieve global services, Hongyuan Petroleum Group Hong Kong Branch was established in 2007. Relying on the advantages of Hong Kong's superior international business hub and free trade port, we have shortened transportation cycles, saved storage costs, and provided timely services to our clients. Our main clients include the Thailand and Indonesia project departments of Great Wall Drilling, the Indonesia project department of CNOOC Oilfield Services, the Indonesia project department of Bohai Drilling, the Bangladesh project department of Sinohydro, the Pakistan project department of Chuanqing Drilling, and Hailong Oilfield Services; In 2010, CTD Oil Products LLC, a subsidiary of Hongyuan Petroleum Group in the United States, was established. The company is located in Houston, the oil city of the United States, adjacent to the headquarters of international petroleum equipment companies such as Halliburton and NOV. With superior geographical advantages and a senior business team, the company not only optimizes Hongyuan Group's procurement channels, but also builds an international platform for further exploring the American market. Its business mainly radiates to the Venezuela and Cuba project departments of Great Wall Drilling, the Mexico project department of CNOOC, the Venezuela project department of Bohai Drilling, the Mexico project department, the Bolivia project department, and the Ecuador project department of Chuanqing Drilling; In order to provide more comprehensive services to customers, in 2013, BOS Energy International Co., Ltd a subsidiary of Hongyuan Oil Group in the Middle East, was established in Dubai. With Dubai's superior geographical advantage and favorable business environment in the Middle East region, its business radiates to the markets of West Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Its clients include Great Wall Drilling Sudan, Chad, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Rumaila, Iraq; Bohai Drilling Iraq Rumala, Hafaya, Missan, and Rukh project departments, Kuwait project departments, Qatar project departments; Daqing Drilling Sudan, Iraq Rumaila, Hafaya, Zubair, and Kurdish project departments; CNOOC Iraq Missan and Kuwait Project Department; China National Offshore Oil Corporation's Iran Project Department, Sinopec Oil Services Sudan, Kuwait Project Department, Northern Drilling, etc. In 2016, Hongyuan Petroleum Group Saudi Arabia Branch was established in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. It covers an area of 3000 square meters and currently has more than 30 service personnel. The base has offices, maintenance workshops, warehouses, dormitories, and restaurants, providing strong support for the work and life of employees. The Saudi service base is also equipped with three oilfield service vehicles, which can provide customers with timely well services. The maintenance workshop covers an area of 1260 square meters, equipped with 25 ton and 10 ton overhead cranes, a complete set of top drive maintenance special tools, engine maintenance special tools, motor maintenance professional tools and high-pressure cleaning equipment, sandblasting equipment, painting equipment, top drive and motor testing equipment, etc. The factory area is adjacent to the Daqing Saudi Arabia project department and the Western Diamond Saudi Arabia project department, 20 kilometers away from the Sinopec Saudi Arabia base, and only 50 kilometers away from the Zhongyuan Saudi Arabia base. Customers include: Daqing Drilling Saudi Project Department, Zhongyuan Petroleum Engineering Saudi Branch, Shengli Petroleum Engineering Saudi Branch, North China Petroleum Engineering Saudi Branch, Southwest Petroleum Engineering Saudi Branch, CNOOC Oilfield Services Saudi Branch, KCA Company, ADES Company, etc.

    As a result, Hongyuan Group has formed a five in one material procurement system, material warehousing system, and a complete logistics transportation system in Beijing, Hong Kong, Houston, Dubai, and Dammam. In the international trade sector, it has a clear competitive advantage in the supply of many brand accessories such as Carter, Allison, Kaixing, Beishi, NOV Varco, NOV-QT, NOV Grant, GE, Siemens, Tenaris, SPM, Derrick, Swaco, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Parker, Kenworth, etc. By providing high-quality international pre-sales and after-sales comprehensive services, as well as supporting product supply, we have solved the worries of domestic and foreign customers and met the needs of oilfield production.

    Over the thirty years of arduous struggle, the people of Hongyuan have been rushing to the forefront of the oilfield service industry, with the responsibility of strengthening the petroleum industry and transmitting social value. With a proactive, open and innovative mindset, we have opened up one market after another and won praise and support from a large number of users.